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Not all websites are built the same.

In a world where templates are the norm and mediocrity is mass-produced, we dare to be different. Because let’s face it, not all websites are created equal.

Just like you wouldn’t wear a one-size-fits-all suit to an important meeting, your website shouldn’t be forced into a generic, off-the-shelf design. Your brand is unique, so why would your website be any different?

At Smartfish, we understand that every pixel tells a story. From the intuitive navigation that guides your audience like an expertly choreographed dance, to the bold visuals that capture the essence of your brand – we craft digital experiences that are tailored, not tailored-like.

All your Web Design Questions Answered.

Unlike many ‘web design agencies’, all our websites are built in our design studio by our local designers who have over 20 years of experience in web design & development.

We don’t outsource to cheap foreign labour. We believe our clients deserve the highest quality and we are available to discuss any aspect of your website first-hand throughout the process.

Many foreign web developers work for less than $8 per hour on virus-riddled computers. We support local talent and the local economy while ensuring our client’s websites are second to none.

The development time factor is based on a number of factors, including delivery of the content by the client, however most of our standard websites are developed within 1.5 weeks from approval to proceed.

We believe search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important factors of any website. So every website we build includes a professional SEO strategy implemented into the foundations of the site, right through to the launch of the site, ensuring the best possible results.

SEO should never be an add-on.

Of course. We develop our websites on a staging server and will provide you with the link so that you can view and test your website in real time across every device, ensuring you are 100% happy prior to launching.

We carry out extensive optimisation and speed tests on every site before and after they launch, to ensure the best possible optimal performance.

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