Sunshine Coast Digital Marketing Training

Be the master of your domain with digital marketing training & courses.

Learn how to master online business, in simple terms.

There is a lot more to managing your online presence than just owning a nice looking website.

From learning how to manage your website content through to driving traffic to your site, digital marketing, knowing how to create online strategies that funnel sales, and have to ensure your website is secure.

Smartfish offer training, coaching and mentoring in these and much more to ensure your online success is as easy as possible.

Our senior web developer has been creating websites since before Google even existed, and has developed more than 650 websites, offering first-hand strategies, techniques and shortcuts that will help increase your online presence.

Our Sunshine Coast based digital marketing training courses can help you get your business up to speed.

Wordpress Training Australia
Online Website training Sunshine Coast

We understand that every WordPress website is a little different, and that everyone has their own level of learning, so we offer one-on-one training and coaching for individuals and teams that want that personal approach to learn at their own pace.

Wordpress Group training Sunshine Coast

Smartfish’s live training events and seminars provide you the opportunity to learn in a group of like-minded people. Our live events focus on different levels of learning, from half-day training for novice WordPress users, through to full-day events for those that want to learn everything there is to know, including search engine optimisation, email marketing, online strategies, and more.

Online Training

We all have busy lives, so we know that sometimes it can be hard to get out to a live training event. Smartfish are currently working on developing our online training platform for both live online training and online courses you can engage at your own pace. We provide all aspects of creating your website or blog, from structure and strategy planning and general WordPress 101, through to online marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimisation. You’ll be able to subscribe and access our courses anytime, plus have on-demand access to our trainers for accountability. Sign up to our mailing list and we’ll let you know when we launch!