Website Care Plan

Maintain, Optimize, and Secure Your Online Presence

Keep your website running smoothly with our dedicated support team. Our plan is tailored to offer you peace of mind and continuous improvement, all from the scenic heart of the Sunshine Coast.

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Our website maintenance plan provides you with the on-demand support you need for maintaining your WordPress website. Our team of experienced designers and developers can assist you with everything from general maintenance of your website through to redesign and improvement of functionality.

Benefits of the Comprehensive Website Care Plan

  • On-Demand Expert Support: Gain direct access to our experienced designers and developers for consultations via Phone, Zoom, or Smartfish Connect.
  • Continuous Website Health: Monthly 35-point check-up ensures your website functions optimally, catching any potential issues early.
  • Enhanced Security: Regular malware and virus checks to protect your site from threats.
  • Data Safety Assurance: Regular backups and archival mean your data is safe and can be restored anytime.
  • Exclusive Savings: Enjoy a generous 20% discount as an active Smartfish or client.
  • 2 hours of general support with our team (Phone/Zoom/Smartfish Connect)
  • Up to 2.5 hours of general maintenance per month.
  • Monthly 35-point website health report on your site.
  • Malware/virus check
  • Backup and archival of your website
  • 20% discount if you are an active Smartfish website client or customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly does the 35-point website health report cover?
A: The health report covers critical areas including website performance, security vulnerabilities, SEO standings, and overall functionality to ensure your site is operating at its best.

Q: How often are backups performed under this plan?
A: Backups are performed regularly as part of the monthly maintenance schedule, ensuring you have recent snapshots of your website for any necessary restorations.

Q: Can I use my 2 hours of general support for any type of consultation?
A: Yes, the 2 hours can be used for various types of support including troubleshooting, consultations on design improvements, or functionality enhancements.

Q: Is the maintenance plan suitable for e-commerce websites on WordPress?
A: Absolutely, our maintenance plan is designed to cater to all types of WordPress sites, including e-commerce platforms, providing them with the necessary care and optimizations.

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