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Gain a competitive edge with our Comprehensive SEO Insight Audit, meticulously crafted to enhance your website's performance and search engine visibility.



Our audit lays the groundwork for a robust SEO strategy tailored to your unique business needs.

The SEO Boost Package is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize your website’s search engine visibility and drive organic traffic. With a combination of strategic techniques and expert guidance, this package aims to enhance your website’s online presence and increase its ranking on search engine result pages.


Client Collaboration & Asset Access

  • Initial briefing to understand client objectives
  • Secure access to critical SEO assets: website, Google Analytics, Google Search Console

In-Depth SEO Review

  • Examination of Google My Business listing for optimal local SEO (if applicable)
  • Comprehensive assessment of current SEO strategies and configurations

Technical Website Analysis

  • Site crawl to evaluate structure and uncover navigational insights
  • Detailed site auditor report to pinpoint technical SEO issues

Competitive Landscape Mapping

  • Comparison against up to 3 industry competitors to gauge visibility and rankings
  • Analysis of backlink profiles to strategize link-building efforts

Mobile & Speed Optimization Checks

  • Mobile responsiveness test to ensure compatibility across devices
  • Site speed analysis for improved user experience and SERP performance

Customized Reporting

  • Tailored report with actionable observations and strategic recommendations
  • Optional one-on-one meeting to discuss findings and next steps

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the Comprehensive SEO Insight Audit include?
A: The audit includes a client briefing, access to SEO assets, a review of your current SEO setup, technical website analysis, competitive landscape mapping, mobile and speed optimization checks, and a detailed report with recommendations.

Q: How is the Comprehensive SEO Insight Audit different from other packages?
A: This audit provides a more extensive analysis, including competitor mapping and backlink profile analysis, which are crucial for understanding your position in the market and developing advanced SEO strategies.

Q: Will the Comprehensive SEO Insight Audit improve my search engine rankings?
A: While the audit itself is diagnostic in nature, it provides critical insights and recommendations that, when implemented, can significantly improve your search engine rankings over time.

Q: Can I expect a follow-up meeting after the audit is complete? A: Yes, an optional meeting is offered to go through the audit findings together, ensuring you understand the report and the recommended action items.

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