SEO Audit Plus

Elevate your website's SEO game with our Comprehensive SEO Audit Plus. Dive deep into your site's SEO mechanics for enhanced visibility and performance.

Our Comprehensive SEO Audit Plus is meticulously designed to optimize your website's potential in search engine rankings.



By choosing our Comprehensive SEO Audit Plus, you receive a thorough investigation into your site’s current SEO performance, actionable insights for improvement, an increased understanding of competitive standing, and strategic guidance on enhancing your online presence.

  • Engage in an initial briefing to align on goals and expectations.
  • Secure access to vital SEO tools and platforms, including your website, desired keyword list, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.
  • Evaluate your Google My Business listing to ensure local search prominence.
  • Review your current SEO strategy and infrastructure for efficacy and alignment with best practices.
  • Perform a comprehensive site crawl to understand and optimize your site’s architecture.
  • Generate a rankings report revealing your website’s current position on Google.
  • Utilize a site auditor report to pinpoint and address any existing site errors.
  • Assess mobile responsiveness to guarantee a seamless user experience on all devices.
  • Check your website’s loading speed to enhance user engagement and reduce bounce rates.
  • Compile and deliver a detailed report with observations and tailor-made recommendations for SEO improvement.
  • Offer an optional meeting to discuss the report and plan the next steps collaboratively.
  • Client Collaboration
  • Local SEO Enhancement
  • SEO Setup Evaluation
  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Rankings Insight
  • Error Identification
  • Mobile Optimization Check
  • Speed Optimization Check
  • Actionable Insights Report
  • Collaborative Debrief

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in the price of the Comprehensive SEO Audit Plus?
A: The price includes a full briefing, access to key SEO assets, reviews of your current setup and Google My Business listing, detailed reports on site structure, rankings, errors, mobile responsiveness, site speed, and a comprehensive list of tailored recommendations. An optional debrief meeting is also offered.

Q: How does the Comprehensive SEO Audit Plus help improve my website’s SEO?
A: Our audit provides you with in-depth analysis and recommendations tailored to your website’s specific needs, highlighting areas for improvement and helping you understand how to outrank competitors, attract more traffic, and ultimately increase conversions.

Q: Can I expect assistance with implementing the SEO recommendations?
A: The Comprehensive SEO Audit Plus focuses on identifying areas for improvement and providing recommendations. Implementation would be part of our monthly SEO management services.

Q: How long does it take to receive the SEO audit report?
A: The timeline for completing the audit will vary based on the complexity of your website and the depth of analysis required. We aim to deliver comprehensive reports as promptly as possible while ensuring thoroughness and accuracy.

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