We work to a simple, yet concise process for proven results that just work perfectly, every time.

The Smartfish Creative design team has been around for quite a while, providing our clients with successful graphic design and web services.

We’ve watched many of our clients grow up as if they were our children, nurturing them along the way and feeding them the right ingredients to develop into healthy individual businesses.

And like any business, we have our own ‘secret ingredient’ that help us ensure 100% satisfaction with our clients, though we are willing to share our creative process, which is simple….

3 steps to client happiness

our work process

Smartfish Creative works on a proven strategy and clear, direct communication with all our clients to ensure every project is completed on time, on budget, and most importantly, our clients are 100% happy upon completion of their design goals and requirements.

planning & strategy

We take each client through our creative brief, to outline all aspects of the project and establish the goals our clients wish to achieve, ensuring we reach the target audience with maximum success.

design & development

From the information provided by our client, we work on the design concepts, providing regular contact and communication with our clients to ensure they are happy throughout the entire journey of the design process.

final delivery

Once the client is 100% happy with the completed outcome of the project, we finalise all files, and unlike many design agencies we hand over all intellectual property and full ownership of the design to our clients.