How to Boost Real Estate Sales with TikTok for every real estate agency

In the digital age, where screens dominate our lives and attention spans are likened to goldfish, traditional real estate marketing methods are undergoing a transformative shift.

If you think TikTok is just a bunch of teenagers doing dance challenges, think again.

Today, it’s proving to be a game-changer for industries far and wide, real estate included. But how does one merge the fast-paced world of TikTok with the grandeur and gravitas of property sales?

Dive into the world of TikTok real estate marketing! Discover how to target the right audience, curate compelling content, and track your success.

Lights, Camera, Property: Crafting Your TikTok Content

One of the most compelling content types for a real estate professional on TikTok is the Property Tour. Unlike traditional platforms where long videos might be the norm, TikTok’s bite-sized format means you’ve got to get innovative.

While you could film yourself doing the latest dance trend in an open house (and hey, that might even go viral!), consider these content ideas tailored for real estate:

A. The Teaser Approach:
Instead of trying to cram an entire home tour into one video, create a series of teasers. Highlight the luxurious bathtub in one video, the grandeur of a walk-in closet in another, or the sunset view from the balcony in yet another. By breaking it down, you give viewers a reason to come back for more, and you extend the life of a single property across multiple content pieces.

B. “Before and After” Reveals:
If the property underwent renovations or staging, a before-and-after video can be striking. This not only showcases the property but also the value you bring as a realtor in preparing a home for sale.

C. Interactive Tours:
Encourage engagement by asking viewers to “choose” which room they see next or what feature they’re most interested in. This Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style is interactive and can spur comments and shares.

D. Go Live:
TikTok’s live feature can be a game-changer. Host real-time property tours, allowing viewers to ask questions or request to see certain areas again. This real-time engagement can simulate the experience of a physical open house.

E. Highlight Unique Features:
Every home has a story. Perhaps it’s the hand-carved fireplace mantle, a hidden reading nook under the stairs, or a treehouse in the backyard. Zone in on these unique features and craft a narrative around them. It’s not just about selling a space but selling a lifestyle.

F. Use Trending Music and Filters:
TikTok’s popular music and filters can enhance your property tours. A trendy song can set the mood – imagine showcasing a sleek, modern condo with an upbeat pop track or a rustic countryside home with a calming acoustic piece.

G. Behind-the-Scenes:
Give a glimpse into the life of a realtor. Maybe it’s how you prep a home before a showing, the effort that goes into staging, or even the joy on homeowners’ faces after a successful sale. This not only showcases properties but builds trust and humanises your brand.

By harnessing the power of TikTok in showcasing properties, you’re not just providing a virtual tour; you’re crafting an experience. Each clip should leave viewers curious, engaged, and yearning for more – and hopefully, leading them straight to your doorstep for a real-life tour!

Home Improvement 101: TikTok Edition

Home improvements aren’t just about knocking down walls or lavish renovations. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make a world of difference in making a property feel like a home. For the TikTok audience, who thrive on quick, actionable insights, here’s how you can make the most of home improvement tips:

A. DIY Décor Hacks:
Simple DIY tricks can transform spaces. Maybe it’s creating a wall gallery using old picture frames, or crafting plant holders out of recycled materials. Showcase easy-to-follow DIY hacks that viewers can replicate, turning a house into a home on a budget.

B. Room Transformations:
Take a basic room and transform it into stages, showcasing each stage as a separate video. Start with a plain bedroom, add some paint, then décor, furniture, and lighting. A series of transformation videos can keep viewers hooked, awaiting the final reveal.

C. Quick Fixes:
Highlight quick fixes for common household problems. Perhaps it’s a hack for squeaky doors, a DIY solution for patching up small holes in the wall, or a trick to restore the sheen on hardwood floors. These small yet impactful tips can resonate widely.

D. Sustainability is Key:
Eco-friendly home improvements are all the rage. Showcase ways to make homes more sustainable, whether it’s up-cycling old items, planting an indoor herb garden, or introducing energy-saving solutions.

E. Seasonal Touches:
Align your home improvement tips with seasons. For instance, during summer, provide tips on keeping homes cool without over-relying on air conditioning. During winter, delve into cozy home décor hacks or insulation tips.

F. Play with Colour:
Colours can make or break a space. Create content around colour psychology, the best colour palettes for different rooms, or the latest colour trends in interior design.

G. Space Maximisation:
Especially relevant for viewers in apartments or smaller homes. Offer creative storage solutions, furniture arrangement hacks, or illusion tricks (like using mirrors) to make spaces appear larger.

H. Feature Local Craftsmen:
Collaborate with local artisans or craftsmen. Maybe there’s a local carpenter who makes bespoke shelves or an artist who crafts unique wall art. By showcasing their work and how it can elevate a space, you’re not only providing home improvement tips but also supporting local businesses.

Remember, TikTok thrives on authenticity. While you’re offering home improvement tips, let your personality shine through. Maybe there’s a funny story behind a DIY gone wrong or a heartwarming anecdote about a family heirloom. By connecting with viewers on a personal level, your home improvement tips become more than just advice; they become shared experiences.

The Local Lens: Showcasing the Neighbourhood on TikTok

Real estate isn’t just about the bricks and beams; it’s about the ambience, the community, and the lifestyle that comes with it. This is where the local spotlight comes in. When you showcase the richness of a locality on TikTok, you’re selling more than homes — you’re selling experiences.

A. Dining Delights:
Feature local eateries, from that quaint cafe with the best latte art to the hidden gem that serves mouthwatering street food. Maybe even collaborate with these eateries for a special discount for your followers. This not only promotes the local business but adds value for your viewers.

B. History in the Making:
Showcase historical spots or heritage buildings. Share snippets of stories or legends associated with them. It’s a great way to highlight the cultural richness of a locality.

C. Green Spaces and Recreational Retreats:
Tour local parks, playgrounds, or hiking trails. Emphasise the convenience and beauty of having such spots close to home, painting a picture of weekend picnics or morning jogs.

D. Events and Festivities:
Cover local events, be it a farmer’s market, a music festival, or a street fair. It gives a sense of community vibrancy and the kind of activities potential homeowners can enjoy.

E. Schools and Educational Institutes:
For families, the proximity and quality of schools can be a deal-breaker. Highlight top schools, libraries, or community centres, emphasising their achievements or unique programs.

F. Shopping and Convenience:
From local boutiques offering unique finds to grocery stores ensuring day-to-day convenience, a tour of shopping locales can be intriguing for many potential homeowners.

G. Nightlife and Entertainment:
Showcase theatres, clubs, bars, or even community centres. Highlight the diverse entertainment options available, catering to both the party-goers and those seeking a quiet evening out.

H. Resident Reviews:
Collaborate with local residents for quick interviews. Let them share what they love about living there. Genuine reviews can be incredibly influential.

I. Transportation and Connectivity:
Feature major transportation hubs, bus stops, or even cycle lanes. Emphasise the convenience of getting around, be it for daily commuting or weekend getaways.

J. Safety and Community Programs:
Highlight community watch programs, local police stations, or even resident-led initiatives that ensure the safety and well-being of the residents.

When diving into the “Local Spotlight”, it’s important to not just see it as a promotional tool but as a storytelling medium. Every local business, park, or school has a story. By sharing these narratives, you’re not just selling properties; you’re inviting potential homeowners to be part of a larger, vibrant community story.

Consistency is Key: How Often Should You Post?

It’s one thing to create content, but the magic truly lies in delivering it consistently. On TikTok, with its fast-paced nature and ever-evolving trends, consistency isn’t just recommended; it’s essential. Here’s why and how:

A. Understanding the Algorithm:
The TikTok algorithm values consistency. The more you post, the more data it has to analyse and assess how users are engaging with your content. This helps in optimising your content’s reach. In simple terms, if TikTok sees you’re regular, it’s more likely to put your content in front of more eyes.

B. Building Audience Expectation:
Just like waiting for the next episode of a favourite TV show, when you post consistently, viewers start expecting content from you. This not only increases engagement rates but also fosters a loyal viewer base that eagerly awaits your next post.

C. Balancing Quality with Quantity:
While consistency is crucial, it should never come at the cost of quality. It’s essential to find a balance. Instead of daily posts, consider 3-4 high-quality posts a week. Remember, one well-thought-out video can have a greater impact than several rushed ones.

D. Bank Your Content:
On energetic days, create multiple pieces of content and save them as drafts. This way, on days when you’re swamped or not feeling particularly creative, you have content ready to go. This ensures you maintain your posting rhythm without compromising content quality.

E. Engage with Trends, But Stay Authentic:
While it’s tempting to jump on every trending challenge or song, it’s vital to ensure it aligns with your brand and message. Regular posting doesn’t mean riding every trend wave. Choose those that resonate with your brand and can be naturally integrated into your content strategy.

F. Monitor and Adapt:
Keep an eye on your analytics. Maybe you notice that posts on Tuesdays get more engagement or that videos uploaded in the evening perform better. Use these insights to adapt your posting schedule, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

G. Set a Content Calendar:
Planning is your best friend. Set a content calendar with themes or topics for each week. This not only ensures consistency but also gives a clear direction to your content creation process, reducing last-minute scrambles for ideas.

H. Encourage User-Generated Content:
Engage your audience by hosting challenges or asking for reactions and duets. This can serve as a content pool for days when you’re low on original content, ensuring you remain consistent in posting.

On TikTok, consistency doesn’t mean flooding the platform with videos. It means regular, engaging, and quality content that your audience can look forward to. It’s about building trust, staying top-of-mind, and proving to both the platform and your viewers that you’re here to offer value, day in and day out.

Deciphering Digital Footprints: A Deep Dive into TikTok Analytics

TikTok, like many other platforms, provides a plethora of data. But it’s not just about having the numbers; it’s about understanding what they signify and how they can be applied to shape a stronger content strategy.

A. Overview Tab:
Before diving deep, start with the basics. The Overview tab gives you a snapshot of your video views, followers, and profile views over a 7 or 28-day period. This is a quick health check to gauge your account’s growth trajectory.

B. Content Insights:

  • Video Posts: Inspect how your videos are doing over the last seven days. Which ones gained traction? What themes resonated? This insight can guide future content creation.
  • Trending Videos: A special section highlighting videos that made it to the trending page. Examine common elements or themes among these videos to replicate that success.

C. Followers Tab:
This section is gold. Delve into:

  • Growth Metrics: Track how many followers you’ve gained or lost over time. Spikes or drops can be correlated with specific content, helping identify what works.
  • Demographics: Knowing the age, gender, and location of your audience helps tailor content more effectively. Are you reaching your intended audience or attracting a different demographic?
  • Activity Patterns: Understand when your audience is most active. This can influence your posting times to ensure maximum visibility.

D. Engagement Metrics:
Beyond just views, look at:

  • Watch Time: If users are skipping after a few seconds, maybe your intros need tweaking.
  • Shares, Comments, and Likes: High engagement often means the content resonated. What made these videos share-worthy or comment-worthy?

E. Traffic Source Types:
Find out how viewers are discovering your content. Are they coming from the “For You” page, through search, or via your profile? This can influence how you structure your content and use hashtags.

F. Sound Insights:
Music is integral to TikTok. Analyse which tracks in your videos get the most engagement. It might not just be the content; sometimes, it’s the vibe set by the background score.

G. Diving into Duets and Stitches:
These unique TikTok features can be powerful tools. Check which of your videos are being used for duets or stitches the most. It provides insights into the type of content your audience considers engaging or worth adding their voice to.

H. Conversion Tracking:
For those using TikTok ads, monitor which ones drive action. Is it leading to website visits, sign-ups, or sales? Refine your advertising strategy based on real results.

In essence, TikTok Analytics isn’t just a dashboard of numbers and charts. It’s a treasure trove of insights, stories, and feedback – a mirror to your audience’s preferences and behaviours. To truly master TikTok, one must not only be a creator but also a diligent analyst, reading between the lines of data to craft compelling narratives that resonate

The Quest for More Views: Making Your TikTok Shine

At its heart, TikTok is an arena of spontaneity, creativity, and authenticity. Yet, with millions vying for the spotlight, how does one stand out? Here’s a detailed roadmap to polish your TikTok presence and catch those ever-elusive views:

A. First Impressions Matter:

  • Thumbnail Magic: Your video’s thumbnail is often the first point of engagement. Choose or craft a thumbnail that’s both relevant and enticing.
  • Captivating Captions: While videos do most of the talking, a witty, curious, or engaging caption can act as the cherry on top, luring viewers in.

B. Ride the Trend Wave… Wisely:
While trending challenges and songs can be a ticket to visibility, it’s crucial to choose those that align with your niche or can be adapted creatively to fit your profile’s essence.

C. Hashtags: Your Digital Signposts:

  • Relevant Tags: Beyond trending tags, include hashtags that are relevant to your content. Think of them as SEO keywords for TikTok.
  • Niche Hashtags: Tap into specific communities or interests. For instance, a realtor might use #HomeTours or #DreamHome.

D. Engage, Don’t Broadcast:

  • Prompt Action: End videos with questions, and encouraging comments. The more engagement a video gets, the more TikTok’s algorithm favours it.
  • React and Respond: Engage with comments on your videos. A simple ‘thank you’ or a witty reply can foster viewer loyalty.

E. Craft Quality Over Quantity:
It’s better to have one well-produced video than five mediocre ones. Invest time in:

  • Editing: Use transitions, filters, and effects wisely to elevate your content.
  • Sound Choices: Ensure background tracks enhance, not distract from, your content.

F. Collaborate and Conquer:
Duets and team-ups with other TikTok users can expose your content to their follower base, multiplying your reach.

G. Diversify Content:
While you might have a primary niche or theme, occasional diversification can attract a broader audience. For instance, a tech reviewer might occasionally delve into tech-related book reviews or the impact of tech on daily life.

H. Study Analytics, Adapt Strategy:
As covered in previous sections, TikTok Analytics is a goldmine. Regularly monitor:

  • Peak Engagement Times: When is your audience most active? Tailor your posting schedule accordingly.
  • Content Performance: What’s working? What’s not? This continual feedback loop helps refine your strategy.

I. Cross-Promote:
Got other social platforms? Twitter, Instagram, YouTube? Cross-promote your TikTok content there. Every platform has a unique audience, and this can be a way to funnel more viewers to your TikTok.

J. Consistent Branding:
From the choice of colours, and sounds to the way you address your audience, maintain consistency. Over time, this builds a brand recall, making you easily recognisable and memorable among a sea of creators.

In the grand tapestry of TikTok, views are more than just numbers; they signify resonance, connection, and relevance. By continually refining, engaging, and understanding the platform’s pulse, one can not only garner views but also build a community that eagerly tunes in, time after time.

With a pinch of creativity, a sprinkle of strategy, and a good dose of consistency, TikTok can be the secret ingredient in your real estate success recipe. So, set up your camera, let your personality shine, and get ready to dive into the dynamic world of TikTok real estate marketing. Remember, every “For Sale” sign you plant could be the backdrop for your next viral video!

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